Joanna's passion is to share mindful-movement, infused with breath awareness, combined in a light-hearted playful way.

Joanna uses her vinyasa training and combines it with a variety of practices to invite awareness of subtler sensation and bring more consciousness to how we interact with the world around us. These inspirations come from, Scaravelli Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ecstatic dance, Hridaya mediation and Thai massage.

Joanna began her yoga practice in a hot yoga studio. Her initial interest was just in the physical benefits. Later she was guided by her love of yoga to India, Thailand and Mexico, where she was introduced to different schools and elements of yoga, and how it could all be experienced off of the mat.

Throughout Joanna’s yoga journey she felt transformation in her own life and witnessed it in those around her. This essence of yoga beyond the asana is what she is now passionate about sharing. Her intention is to share what she loves in a nurturing and inclusive way.